derrik’s causes

while traveling and studying in chile derrik became interested in learning more about a plan to build a series of five hydro-electric projects damming the wild rivers of patagonia.  the end result was derrik becoming passionate about the patagonia sin represas movement led by the mapuche people to halt these projects.  in fact, derrik was writing his term abroad thesis about the issue and what it meant for chile; he had meetings scheduled with its founders prior to leaving chile.  after many discussions on the issue with members of the family, some of whom challenged him in his convictions, derrik simply believed that these rivers should never be dammed for the main purpose of providing the mining sector with low cost power – power that would be transmitted on lines that would forever change the landscape of one of the world’s last wild places.

If you would like to honor Derrik with a donation to Sin Represas, you can make a donation to Conservacion Patagonica and earmark the funds to Sin Represas. Thank you!

another organization and project Derrik was studying and learning much about was conservacion patagonica which is working to create the future patagonia national park in the chacabuco valley.  derrik and his dad were scheduled to explore the region of the park a week after derrik’s accident.  while derrik never was able to see this project the flahive family foundation is supporting derrik’s belief in the value of the project by financially supporting this cause.  we hope you study the effort as well and join us with your support.

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